Friday, September 2, 2011

'To Mantis Stronghold'

The Moustache King
The preceding story mission was: 'Colonial Counterattack'

The following story mission is: 'Probing The Enemy'

Another travelling mission. Just how many are there in the Vega storyline? One way to bulk up the total I suppose.

General Walter Victory has a word, telling you to get yourself over to Aurora orbit and await further orders. He's a bit sniffy about the fact that Natassia gave you the Colonial ship Blueprints (BPs) but seeing as how you have them you might as well buy one and kit it out. You've probably done so by now but good advice none the less.

Natassia reminds you that you may need to explore the route to Aurora first. Once you get there she says that she half expected you to do a runner and desert, so she's glad to see you. Allow yourself a small blush at her approval and the mission is done.

So now you have Aurora to plunder. Loads of white missions and the chance to find Rare BPs too. I decided that my first action would be to tackle the Defend Energy Collector mission. Why? Well when you arrive at a new planet the first order of business is to find the nearest energy field. Often they are a distance from the Landing Zone (LZ) and it's not easy to find them. If you take the Defend Energy Collector mission, then it will lead you straight to one. Cunning eh? Of course it turns out that the LZ on Aurora is right in the middle of an energy field so my brilliant idea fell rather flat. Mark my words though, one day, deeper into Pirate Galaxy, that tip will pay off.