Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Clan of 1

I find myself as the Admiral of an empty clan.

For a long time I was a member of The Ghost Warriors, a fine clan with helpful members and a relaxed atmosphere. The founder was an old buddy of mine which is why I joined, but he left a while ago. Since then the clan got a little thinner but the new leadership were still a good bunch.

A few weeks back the founder contacted me and asked me to join his new clan, The Order Of Heroes. I felt a little guilty about leaving the Ghosts but still said yes. There were half a dozen members or so and I was made to feel welcome.

Life is very busy at the moment so it was a few days before I logged back on. When I did I found that everyone had left the clan but me. What did I do? Does my ship give off poisonous fumes, do I emit dangerous geek rays?  I've no idea what happened, but as the only member I found myself as the Admiral of my own clan.

Now this is cool in some ways. For example I now have a Blue Tail.

I can also fly to Vega and pilot the conquest ship. That was a lot less exciting than I hoped. Maybe if I actually took part in a conquest rather than just hung about in orbit.

Now I really should just disband the clan, as I have no real interest in conquests or being an Admiral. However it seems a shame to let the 3,610 crystals and 61 log files in the clan fund go to waste. Anybody want to take it off my hands? You can join and I'll just leave, making you the new Admiral. This outstanding offer is for a short period only, because sooner or later I'll just have enough and go Ronin again.

Well at least I can say that I had my own clan, if only for a little while. Fear my Blue Tail.


  1. Hey Serig ive noticed mate your in our alliance Intergalactic Pirates on askone server im interested in knowing if you would play again m8 as we are getting stronger each week and nearly in draconis mate aswell and looking for good members like yourself if you would like to mate get in touch

    gorgon706 (Captain of TheWhiteStarAvenegers)

    hope to see you soon mate

  2. Hello there Gorgon706.

    Yes I went on and had a look, we are indeed allied. I'll pass on joining The White Star Avengers though as you are an active clan in the Conquests. Good on you for that, nice to see someone actually taking part. For me it's all about the story missions and achievements so I'm more solo. I'm always up for helping allies out though, so don't be suprised to see me sticking my guns in somewhere.

  3. Hello!
    Anyway your are not alone, cause you are in alliance. And that conquest ship can be usefull in any future conquest to help allies.
    Whatever, melancoly is there :D