Saturday, August 28, 2010


So I'd best start off by saying hello and showing you around. I play under the name of Serig. I'm at rank 35 and am adventuring in the Gemini system. I play three or four times a week for an hour or so, so I'm regular but not obsessive.

Just at the top of the page is a brief description of this blog and what it's about. It's aimed at existing fans of the online game Pirate Galaxy, and consists of my own opinions and experience. I like playing Pirate Galaxy and I like blogging, so it makes sense to combine the two.

Below the description are some links.
  • The first link is the official game web site, which I'm sure you already have book marked.
  • The second is to the wikipedia-like database, which has great potential but is only partially complete. I won't complain since I've never contributed.
  • The third is to The Hitchhiker's Guide to Pirate Galaxy. This is a great one page site well designed and kept up to date by V1-Hyper. Go here first if you want to look something up.
  • The fourth is a link to the official forum. I don't bother myself but it is the official mouth piece of the game so I shoudl really visit more often.
  • The fifth and final link is to a page reporting the status of the servers, which is useful if you can't get online and want to know if it's you or them.
Thanks for visiting, and I'll see you in the game.

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