Tuesday, August 31, 2010

'Isaak’s Story'

The story mission I’m currently struggling with is Isaak’s Story. It’s set on Commerce Central in the Gemini system. It’s not described as a squadron mission (where the game advises that you need a squadron to stand a chance of completing it), but it is a bugger. I’ve tried it solo in my GC-1 Kara III five or six times but without success. Saturday night I teamed up with an engineer (sorry mate but I didn’t take note of your name) and still came up short, twice.

The premise is that you team up with Isaak, who lives a scavenging lifestyle on Commerce Central with his wife. You have to protect him while collecting three pieces of technology that will be used to equip the Prosperous colonist ships. Isaak finds the pods and you have to collect them, keeping his ship in one piece at the same time. He has a tough vessel with a shield, afterburner and blaster. However he has no repair droid which is annoying for the player, but the mission would be too easy if he did. I suppose the justification would be that he just hasn’t managed to scavenge a repair droid yet.

My tactics are to stock up on E first, as the one time I did get to see the third and last tech pod I was running low. There’s no time limit and Isaak is safe until you get to him so you can fill up near the Landing Zone (LZ). Next, get to the meeting point and follow Isaak’s ship. He takes the same route every time, and the tech pods are in the same general areas each time too. You can get through the first clutch of Marauders without being shot at as long as you ignore them and don’t hang about. Next is a pack of Parasites with a Resurrector back up, these will attack. As I’m in a storm ship I fly ahead and take them on. Usually I wipe them out, with Isaak either unmarked or lightly damaged.

Next you get to a few Rocketeers, and nine times out of ten a Death Squad arrives at the same time. After this Isaak’s ship is usually looking a bit sorry for itself. You soon fly through an energy field and I often stock up while my equipment resets. Then Isaak tells you there’s a pod nearby. A large area is marked on the map and somewhere within it is the first pod. You have to find and collect it. There are of course lots of mantis hanging around, so you have to decide whether to kill them all then collect before reinforcements arrive, or soak up the damage then scram. I’ve tried both ways and prefer to attack first, as when you take off the mantis follow you and usually find Isaak.

When I try this mission Isaak doesn’t make it to the second pod most of the time. Despite this being a tough mission, I do like it. You have a chance of success, and every time you try it you learn more and slowly get further. Having said that I’m more than ready to move on. If you see me at Commerce Central I’d be glad of some help.

I have now managed to complete this mission with the help of a clan mate and Pirate Galaxy big brother Saxon. See the post later in the blog or click here Isaak's Story Completed

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