Sunday, January 9, 2011

‘Operation Liberation’

Podded again
The preceding story mission was: ‘Project Detonation’

The following story mission is: ‘Imminent Detonation’ or
'Explosive Information'

This is a biggy that is sure to frustrate many a player. It certainly annoyed me before I completed it, as I posted here. You need a squad for this one which is the first hold up. However the recent change to the chat so it to covers the entire system makes this easier. I have my clan The Ghost Warriors to thanks for getting me through. Pirates UKiller, Borgh and Housedevil all joined together and we made it.

This mission is where Isaak in The Vendetta attempts to rescue the prisoners, including hopefully his wife, held in the floating cages. You are advised to split your force into two, one to create a diversion while the other escorts Isaak. I’ve taken part in both forces and in the successful attempt I was protecting The Vendetta.

The diversionary force is given a group of targets at a set location to destroy. There’s 11 or so tough mantis there of various types so be prepared for a hard fight. A timer starts as you are on the way there, giving you 5 minutes to kill them which seems impossible. Luckily it turns out that you only have to get to 54% of the total before the evil Lord Fam Doom comes out of his hole to give you a kicking. After that the timer stops and the task is to destroy Doom’s ship. If you can do this then you get the Astrogation Chip that unlocks Mizar. He’s a tough blighter but two or three Storms or Tanks can take him out.

While all of this fun was going on I was escorting The Vendetta, which at first seems quite easy. A few Mantis take shots at him but he has the sense to stay on route, not like in Rise Of Vendetta, and he can withstand quite a pounding. His rockets are formidable so he has teeth too. Further on in the journey the Mantis show up in greater numbers, enough to put me in my pod. Ukiller was with me but he had his hands full so I had to resurrect, as the journey from the Hangar would have taken too long. I had to cash in some gold to buy an energy boost which is sort of cheating, but the only gold I have is that awarded to me by SlipStream for free so I don’t feel too guilty.

So I got myself back up and running then chased after The Vendetta again. The fight with Lord Doom was well underway by now, but my clan mates seemed to be handling it okay. Isaak was showing some damage by the time I caught up with him but he was mostly okay. I escorted him into one of the tunnels and got fried by a group of Pyros. Back in the pod again. I cashed in some more gold and tried to catch up again with The Vendetta. By now he was at about 50% damage so I was starting to worry.

It’s always darkest just before dawn, so they say, and it was at that point that the colonists arrive on the scene, presumably in their powered up ships. They take over the escort of The Vendetta back to Prosperous, leaving you to join in the fight with Lord Fam Doom. In my case the rest of my squadron had destroyed his ship by now so the mission was complete. Magic.

I think that if you can stay with The Vendetta and keep yourself alive, or keep resurrecting as I did, then you are taking some of the pressure off Isaak. He’s tough enough to take severe punishment and dish it out too. The diversionary force has to get to its 54% within the 5 minute countdown at the same time. This is a tough mission but not as bad as it first looks.

The mission ends with the happy news that Sara was amongst the prisoners and has been reunited with her beloved Isaak. Aww!

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