Wednesday, June 29, 2011

'Saving Tobias Planck'

Tally Ho!
The preceding story mission was: 'Operation Smuggler Shut Down'

The following story mission is: 'Alerting Colonials'

A significant mission, which is fittingly both challenging and dramatic.

This was my first story mission in The Penguin, my AnIn-2000 Speed Stun. I'd taken it for a few white mission spins so I was familiar with it.

Bill Darius relays orders from the Colonials, which are to locate the scientist Tobias Planck. This boffin is believed to have information on a Mantis build up on Aurora. You meet with Bill on the surface of Lyris and head for one of Planck's research buildings, which he built for research into the planet's beautiful giant mushrooms.

Sure enough Tobias is there, at first afraid that you and Bill are pirates, which is understandable. After he learns that you've been sent by Ivanova he relaxes and starts to fill you in. He believes that the Mantis have repaired the Vega star gate and are massing on Aurora. General Victory of the Colonial forces keeps ignoring him but Tobias has detailed research at a nearby lab. You have to escort him there, keeping local Marauders off his back if you encounter any.

As you approach the lab you see another honking big Mantis mothership hanging in the air. The lab's been trashed and Planck's colleagues captured. Charge! You of course attack the mothership and the tasty looking Mantis muscle around it. That's when tragedy strikes.

The mothership targets Bill, giving him just enough time to send you one last poignant message. Then his ship explodes, with no pod in sight. That's right, cuddly uncle Bill is dead.

There's no time for tears. Tobias sounds the retreat and it's time for operation 'Save-Ass'. Hit the Afterburner and disengage, then flee to orbit as soon as you can. Don't bother looking for Planck or Bill, just punch it. I managed to maintain my 100% record of completing Vega story missions, but I was on my last legs and left a trail of flames as I went up, up and away.

In orbit Tobias says that you must take the news of the Mantis breaking the truce and attacking Lyris to the Colonial Guard on Axiom.

A good mission, where success is defined as escaping with your life, your mentor killed and the planet overrun. Poor Bill.
Mourning Angel by Shane Willis

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