Sunday, September 5, 2010

'Isaak’s Story' completed

The preceding story mission was: 'Taking Up Arms'
The following story mission is: 'Weapons Delivery'

I've previously posted about this Story Mission here.

Thanks to help from my clan The Ghost Warriors, specifically my mate Saxon, I’ve now completed 'Isaak’s Story'. As Saxon was in a Sol Engineer we couldn’t squad up, so he covered me as I escorted Isaak and collected the tech pods. It was quite relaxing to coast along behind Isaak while the blue dot in the scanner made the bad triangles vanish, especially when his magic green light made my ouchies disappear.

The only problem was that as Saxon wasn’t part of the mission he couldn’t heal Isaak. This wasn’t a problem at first as the mantis couldn’t get near him thanks to our guardian angel. Near the end though Isaak was carrying a bit of damage so it wasn’t completely plain sailing.

After you collect the last pod you have to escort Isaak back to his base. Up to that point you just had to click on him and follow, but on the return leg he follows you. I didn’t realise this at first, so he and I span in circles chasing each other while Saxon wondered why I was dancing with an NPC (Non Player Character). Once I caught on that I had to take the lead, we managed to fly the long journey back.

This is a tough mission. My ship Kara III is a storm ship with almost the top compliment of Gemini equipment and I couldn’t do it solo. I’d love to try this mission again in an Engineer or Tank which would be better suited to the task. Still that’s why we join clans.

When Saxon showed up it was like having your big brother arrive at school and dangle the bullies by their ankles. Very satisfying and a big relief, but you can’t help feeling slightly emasculated because you couldn’t handle it yourself. In order to make myself feel better I flew to Lustra and cut a bloody swathe through its Harvesters. Set the buggers alight with a Thermo-blast and vape the Interceptors with a single shot. I am Serig, killer of Mantis! Whenever you feel frustrated with this game, fly back a system and bully the locals.

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