Saturday, September 4, 2010

Attack ships on fire

Kara III presenting the latest look - on fire
One of my favourite recent changes to the game is that damaged ships now burn. It used to be that you could be one underpowered blaster shot from the pod yet your ship still looked showroom fresh. Apart from the coolness of being last man standing in a flaming wreck, trailing smoke as you limp into orbit, there is a game advantage too.

Before you had to select a ship to see how damaged it was. Now if you see that your ally is smoking (as in hit, not hot) you know he’s in trouble. Also if there are three Rocketeers and one’s sparking at the rear, you know there’s an opportunity to even the odds fast.

It’s a pity there’s no animation of a tiny R2 unit crawling over your ship when you press 4. No game advantage but it’d make

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