Sunday, October 31, 2010

'Turret Threat'

The preceding story mission was: 'Rise of Vendetta'
The following story mission is: 'Project Detonation'

The Vendetta has reached Technatoria, and its pilot Isaak Handal is planning the rescue of his beloved Sara. Your task here is to locate 12 turrets (floating missile platforms) within 25 minutes. The turrets will be an effective defence against The Vendetta so it's important to learn their location. If you don't find them in the time allowed then the mantis will move the turrets.

This story mission was enjoyable, challenging without being frustrating. I got it done at the fourth attempt. It follows on from Rise Of Vendetta, and precedes 'Project Detonation', which is proving to be a bugger.

My first two attempts were in Marie II my Engineer. My thinking was that I didn't need to kill anything, just stay alive as I tracked the turrets down. It's a good theory, but I went back to my Storm ship Kara III for the final two runs. Two reasons, blowing the enemy up is always a good defensive tactic, and Kara III just happens to have a much better afterburner at the moment.

You have to scan each turret, but you don't have to destroy them. Each is protected by a Paralyzor and 2 Pyros. You can see and scan the turrets from a long way off, but you have to get past them to find the rest. There's little chance of manoeuvring around within the time allowed, so I scanned from a distance, then burned past killing any Pyros who came after me.

I'm not going to tell you where the turrets are because that would be cheating. I'm happy to help and to hint, but there are limits. However if you are really stuck, or are totally comfortable with low behaviour, you can get the locations via The Hitchiker's Guide To Pirate Galaxy, which should be a favourite in your browser 'cause it's brilliant. What I will tell you is that if you follow your nose you'll find the turrets easy enough.

One thing to be careful of here is energy. If you get destroyed then you do have time to hyperjump back to Technatoria at least twice, but at 486e for each hyperjump from the starbase to Technatoria you will run out.

Each time you play you will probably get further through the mission, so keep at it and this one shouldn't prove too much of a problem.


  1. I completed it in my first attempt, mainly because the mission is slightly easier now.

    I did it in my storm, basically, just scan the turret from a distance, wait for the DS (DS patrols are around every turret) to go past, then burn through while still keeping the scan on the turret. Usually the Pyro gives chase, but a rocket will solve this. I find the last 5 turrets the hardest though, the mission Paralyzors and Pyros are backed up by other Paralyzors and Rocketeers.

    Using this tactic, you'll only die in extreme situations where your ab and rep droid are still recharging and you run into a DS. Otherwise, you should be able to finish this mission without dying if you're careful. I recommend tank, storm or shock for this, as the engineer will be quickly overwhelmed by the pyros, paralyzors and DS.

    It's a fun but annoying mission, but it's do-able under the time limit and I have the crystals to prove it ^^

  2. Well done for completing at the first attempt, and thanks for posting your tactics here. Added help for readers, and yes it is a fun mission.