Monday, November 1, 2010

The Ghost Warriors

I’m a member of The Ghost Warriors clan, which is led by Chaosrising. I’ve been with them for perhaps a month now and it’s a friendly group.

I was invited to join by an old buddy Saxon, who recently left. Since then I’ve been helped in one or two sticky story missions and I’ve been to the aid of some pilots back in the Vega system. That’s why I join a clan, to help and be helped, plus some friendly chat while you’re journeying between planets. I suppose my ideal clan is a loose cooperative of pilots banding together for mutual protection and assistance.

Of course that’s not really the idea. The conquest planets exist solely to provoke inter-clan warfare, and the ladders rate them against each other to generate competition. Excellent stuff and I completely understand why players get into conquests and war scores so passionately. If you’ve completed the storyline then it gives you a reason to keep playing, otherwise PG would get quite dull unless you set yourself the target of becoming a True System Finaliser.

The Ghost Warriors has recently taken a turn for the war-like. Acha is the war leader, ably assisted by Bodica. All members are now expected to play regularly and work hard to progress through the ranks and increase the power of the clan. We haven’t started to take part in conquests yet but it won’t be long. We’ll see if I can maintain my clan membership, or if I get booted in favour of some more aggressive pilots. If I do there’ll be no hard feelings as the clan has been clear and up front about what they want to do. Conquests are fun but I never seem to be on line at the right time and I’d rather be trying a story mission to be honest.

For know I’m a loyal and contented member of The Ghost Warriors, long may it continue.

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