Wednesday, November 17, 2010

'Component Upgrades'

A one-eyed three-fingered mechanic.
He should be more careful with the
power tools.
Stolen from Pirate Galaxy Wiki.
The preceding story mission was: 'Baiting Sentinels'
The following story mission is: 'Mine Mystery'

I’m embarrassed to call this a story mission but that’s what it is. I prefer my first introduction to the hangar, back in the Beta test days. The hangar became unlocked after reaching a certain level and a few tool tips showed you how to use it. To make it a mission in itself is a bit of a joke I feel, but hardly enough to warrant the storming of Slipstream towers I suppose.

After you’ve selected the mission the navcomp lets you access the hangar, so you get to enjoy that lovely brief scene of your ship peeling off towards the starbase for the first time. Why don’t they tell you about the F7 hot key? None of the hot keys get explained in these tutorials that I can see, which is a baffling omission.

Your task is to upgrade your Blaster from Sub-Standard Ion to Standard Ion at a cost of 30 crystals, and install a Repair Droid, otherwise known (by me anyway) as an R2 unit, for 17 crystals.  Once you find yourself in the hangar you’re shown how to open the side panel. There’s a hint showing you how to upgrade your Blaster and you have to figure the rest out yourself. If you struggle then you’re probably having trouble reading this so I won’t bother explaining.

While I was there I upgraded my collector but in hindsight that may not have been the cleverest thing to do. Is having a Standard rather than Sub-Standard Collector going to make the difference between success and failure this early in the game. I think not. It is only 24 crystals but you may as well save them for later. You’ll probably be able to leap-frog the standard to a better model.

One thing that is worth doing is getting a respray. You can repaint your trusty AnIn-1300 with the Wings and Back pattern for free. Have a play and try out the different colour combinations. For later ships it costs crystal to change the paint job so enjoy the freedom while you can.

As soon as your Blaster and R2 unit are upgraded you can leave the hangar (F5) and go back into orbit around Kalabesh, and you’re done. Easy isn’t it? What’s more you get 25 crystals for completing this gruelling mission. Crystal for old rope if you ask me.

If you want to see the walk-through then you need to get out more, but if you must then you can find it here.

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