Monday, November 15, 2010

Frustration, anticipation and achievement

I’m going through one of those challenging times in Pirate Galaxy at the moment. I’m trying to beat Project Detonation and coming up short. My next attempt will be the 10th.

On top of that life conspires to keep me away from the game and this blog. I’ve got story missions to write up, opinions to post and aliens to kill. Yet work, family and sleep keep me from my hobby. Poor, poor me, lumbered with blessings that so many long for. Ignore me. If I suddenly got the time to play as much as I wanted then life would have taken a very poor turn indeed.

Draconis sounds good. Not the system, but the game additions. If you haven’t read them then have a look on the forum here. I like the idea of a pirate mode you can only leave by getting blasted. Kill or be killed while the bounty on your head climbs higher and higher. Cool. Even I might be tempted to go red now and then.

Even better is the medal board or trophy cabinet. I’m dying to see what they might be, and how many I might already have achieved. I’m guessing some of these will be the True System Finaliser as created by V1-Hyper, but there’s so many you could create. Some could be easier such as clearing all white missions in a system or planet. There could be awards for taking part in a certain number of conquests, or podding so many pirates. A little badge for killing 1,000 mantis, or collecting 1,000,000 crystals even if you’ve spent them all. A 6 month tour of duty medal? A year? As long as new players get a sniff of some low awards early on, I think it will be a real temptation to keep you playing on.

Of course the test game is open, so why not go and get a sneak preview as well as contribute to the testing of the game. I have tried but I can’t get on for some reason. Plus when I do get an opportunity to play I keep going onto Askone, because this might be the time that I finally beat Project Detonation. Draconis and its temptations will come soon enough. Meanwhile Marie II needs a Fusion Power Protector.

So that’s frustration and anticipation. The achievement? Small but welcome. I recently reached level 37. That gives me a power cap of 3,850 which will help in Project Detonation, an energy draining challenge. I’m also getting closer to beating it. In my 9th attempt I got the closest yet, 7 of the 12 turrets destroyed before I ran out of time. I’ll get it you’ll see, no need to call for the clan, not just yet.

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