Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kill Missions

I put 'Kill Mission' in Google Images
and this came up. Perfect.
A few nights ago I had an enjoyable hour or so catching up on Commerce Central kill missions. These are the white missions with names such as 'Nullify Tough Marauders' or 'Crush Weak Menders'.

Your task is to destroy a set number of specific Mantis types within a time limit. At the start of the mission you are told the Mantis type and level that you have to kill, for example Level 29 Marauders. Once you reach the surface you get a countdown to the end of the mission. This is typically around 8 minutes, but for patrol ships like Menders it can be 15 minutes.

Next you are shown a location on the map where the cannon fodder can be found. Getting there may take up a significant chunk of your allowed time, especially on planets like CC where there is only one long and winding road to get to the killing ground. Don't be shy about using your afterburner to get there.

Once you reach the destination, which should be well populated with your prey, start killing. Once the first is destroyed you get a 'percentage complete' message. With a quick bit of mental arithmetic you should be able to work out how many you need to destroy. For example, if you kill one and 'mission 12% completed' comes up, then you have to chalk up 8 in total. The mission ends once you've killed enough or time runs out. If you get destroyed the mission continues, but you'd have to Resurrect as it takes too long to get from the Hangar to your planet, then back to the killing area.

They are very straight forward missions but I find them great fun. There are a few obvious hints and tips I can share though you'll figure them out yourself early on.
  • Make sure you're full of Energy (E) before starting the mission. You don't have time to fill up on the way and there's nothing worse than being one kill short, a victim in your sights, but no pop in your gun.
  • A Storm ship is made for this mission. The Aim Computer, Rockets and Perforators (for some targets) give it a clear advantage.
  • Keep an eye out for Death Squads (DS). They may patrol through the target area and catch you unawares.
  • Stick to the specified targets. Killing level 27 Parasites does no good if you're after level 29s.
You may be tempted to ignore these missions as you go through the game but there are three good reasons for completing them, apart from the sheer pleasure that destruction brings.
  1. You quickly accumulate Cryonitye, not just from completing the mission but also from your victims.
  2. It's a good way to pick up Blueprints as you kill all Mantis at all levels.
  3. Unless you are too high a level, the old experience bar can move quite quickly during these missions.
The hardest are the Harvesters and Commander missions. The targets themselves are fairly easy, but it's dealing with their bodyguards that eats up the time and energy.

Now then, go forth and destroy.

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