Thursday, December 23, 2010

Highest Graphics - Merry Christmas

I was going to put Laura Croft here but girls read this too
For Christmas I have a new PC to play Pirate Galaxy on.

My old machine was only 5 or 6 years old but just had onboard graphics. When I played this game for the first time the graphics had a real wow! factor, the best I'd had on my desktop. My new computer has an ATI 1 Gig video card and is fresh out of the box. To simulate how I used to experience PG, change the graphics setting to lowest and check it out.

Now I've fallen in love with Pirate Galaxy all over again. Looks aren't everything but I'm as shallow as anyone when it comes to in-game graphics. I've sat and stared at a rock wall in Technatoria impressed by the texture and colour, it actually looks like blasted rock now. The paint jobs on my ships Marie II and Kara III look like they've been applied by an artist rather than an enthusiastic 6-year-old. Best of all, no crashes.

My old system crashed regularly, especially if I was in the middle of a Harvester cull. Any more then three Interceptors and my PC screamed in anguish. It would flee the field taking me with it, leaving Kara III drifting as the Mantis kicked her all the way to pod town. Tragic.

Well no more. I feel a serious killing session at Prosperous coming on. Time to bring the pain and enjoy the spectacle. May your own presents be just as satisfying. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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