Sunday, December 26, 2010

‘Speedy Escape Strategy’

The preceding story mission was: 'Ore Smuggling'
The following story mission is: 'Interplanetary Travel'
Still in tutorial mode, cuddly Uncle Bill takes you on a Blueprint hunting trip. You've upgraded before but then the Hangar had the gear all ready and you were buying off the shelf. This time you have to kill and loot if you want to step up a division.

Discovered - Another reason to kill Mantis

You follow Bill Darius down to the surface of Kalabesh and he leads you to an area where he looted an Afterburner blueprint a few weeks earlier. All you have to do is kill a few Mantis Scouts and wait for a Blueprint to drop. After 3 or 4 kills the Blueprint appears and you collect it. Then you just have to fly to orbit, enter the Starbase Hangar and have it fitted. The cost is 32 crystals and you earn 35 crystals by completing the mission. Why anyone would give you cryonite for doing this is beyond me, but smile nicely and take it.

We must be near the end of these tutorials by now surely? Next we learn to fly between planets, or at least explore the route. Lead on McDuff.

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