Tuesday, December 21, 2010

‘Ore Smuggling’

The preceding story mission was: 'Mine Mystery.
The following story mission is: ‘Speedy Escape Strategy’
Serves him right for having such a girly name

Jake Rattenbury gets in touch and tells you Bill Darius has recommended you for a proper smuggling mission. It's time to decide which side of the law you're on. If you decide to be an upstanding, law-abiding citizen then you'd better find another game. This is called Pirate Galaxy after all. Besides this is still the only option open so take it on or be doomed to fly the surface of Kalabesh, beating up Mantis drones for all eternity.

When you get to the surface you're told to watch out for Colonial Guards who are enforcing a strict rationing policy. Then you're given the location of the first of three ore cannistyers which you have to collect. After the first you're into territory unexplored in the previous missions and so might find yourself having to double back on yourself here or there.

(Idea! Why not have a planet where the surface rearranges itself every now and then? Maybe when the system reaches full planetary alignment the gravitational pull causes earthquakes on the central planet. Maybe the planet surface is made of ice drifts which move over time. That would keep things fresh. )

Anyway after collecting the second cannister look out for the fearsomely named Officer Rosebud of the Colonial Guard. He swoops in riding a mean looking Harrier-style ship ordering you to surrender. Don't worry, despite being level 10 against your (probable) level 3 it's a fairly simple kill. Just keep blasting and he'll soon be whimpering in his pod that you're now an enemy of the Colonial Administration. Cool!

After that just collect the last of the ore pods and get into orbit. Piece of cake.

It would be nice if there were an option to not return fire, but join the Guards and work for them undercover in the smuggling community. That could take you down a different set of adventures. Still PG has never claimed to be a Role Playing Game so you can't blame them for being so linear.

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