Tuesday, February 8, 2011

As seen on Facebook

A few weeks ago the Cryonite Cove hit counter went through the roof without warning. A little detective work revealed that the Pirate Galaxy page had posted a link to this blog and bigged it up somewhat. I’m very flattered so thank you to PG facebook, and hello to all the new visitors that the link sent this way.

The Pirate Galaxy facebook page isn’t exactly buzzing with activity, which I suppose does help keep my link at the top of the page. Split Screen should make more use of it. Many would be more likely to visit facebook than the forums and they need to improve their communication. Perhaps they don’t want constant postings about patches and changes. Facebook is more of a shop window. It might also open the Pandora’s Box of negativity that floods the English forum.

Split Screen also has a company facebook page which I find more interesting. It has pictures of the team and some (though not enough) insight into the creative process. They also have info on their next game releases. For example, they have just announced that they are looking for Beta testers for Steel Legions. This seems to be a Steampunk game of tank battles, again an in-browser MMO. Reading the blurb it sounds as if it will be a close relation to Pirate Galaxy using the same game engine etc, but with factions to fight for and a different approach to PvP that may make it more attractive than it is in Pirate Galaxy. I think I’ll be signing up for a taster.

Oh Baby!
The idea of driving a steam powered tank around the countryside blasting the you-know-what out of opponents may be attractive, but it sounds very meh! compared to the other game they’re working on, Dino Storm. The little they say sounds good, but the best advert for the concept is the comment from one Philipp Arlt “Cowboy Outlaws shooting laser guns while riding dinosaurs? How awesome is that!?!” Sign me up, I want a Triceratops!

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  1. If you get key code share it with all of us, so we can all participate in closed Beta :D