Monday, February 21, 2011

‘To The Mizar System’

This is a gorgeous game
The preceding story mission was: ‘Imminent Detonation’

The following story mission is: ‘Explosive Information’

If you’ve read my post on ‘Imminent Detonation’ then you’ll know that this is one of the story missions I described as undesired orphans, specifically the plain older sister, and a mission that no one wants. Or is it? The official Pirate Galaxy forum has this post.

Completing story missions gives you a war score. One of the recent(ish) updates to Pirate Galaxy gives you the ability to reselect an already completed mission. Previously you could only redo by joining the squad of someone yet to complete it. Apparently if you repeat a mission you get the war score again, which is strange because that doesn’t happen with the Cryonite reward. Some enterprising souls have discovered this and allegedly kept taking this mission, and other travel story missions such as ‘Antares System’, again and again. This is a risk free, quick and easy method of ramping up your war score. So, far from the plain older sister that no one wants, this mission is the quiet girl who turns out to be a real raver and the favourite of everyone ‘in the know.’ I hope that’s put it delicately enough.

SplitScreen has responded to this discovery with this post, which is why I haven’t tested the war score exploit. In summary it says don’t do it or else. I would imagine that this is an easy thing for SplitScreen to fix so expect this loop hole to be closed soon. If anyone has been taking advantage of this exploit to the level suggested then I think its poor form and definite gamesmanship, but it isn’t cheating and it is cunning. I’m not going to be holier than thou because I pointed out and took advantage of a small exploit in ‘Imminent Detonation’ relating to selecting the freighter.

Now I’ve kicked that point about, on to the mission. Natassia Ivanova tells you to pursue the Mantis to the Mizar system and try to find the remaining pieces of the artifact before they do. She also gives you a big pat on the back on behalf of the human survivors in the Gemini system. All you have to do is fly to the Gemini Stargate and from there go to the Mizar system. For that you get 200 crystals, even if you’ve been there before. When you get to Mizar, Natassia advises you to find Dr Valto Copernicus if he’s still alive. He may be able to help you find the next fragment of the artifact.


  1. It's illegal to use the exploit, if you do so, yuo can get banned, i suggest you not to promote it, because it is very unfair,

  2. Is this a mistake by you writing Split Stream or is it to be funny?
    It is Split Screen the correct name.

  3. I tought it was a joke, but please remove the exploit or warn ppl.

  4. Hello Pbhuh. You are absolutely right that you can get banned through using exploits such as this.

    I don't think that my post was a promotion of the exploit. I do draw attention to it but also describe it as 'poor form', which means to be frowned upon, or not condoned. I suppose it depends on what you mean by promote.

    I learnt about this exploit via the official forum, in the first post that I linked to. As it was already posted on the official forum which gets a lot more visitors than this blog, and was not locked or deleted by the moderators there, I don't think that I've overstepped the mark.

    I also posted a link to the official Pirate Galaxy post that warns about this and similar exploits, so I think I've passed the warning on in a manner as fair to Split Screen as possible.

    The PG patch released on February 23rd 2011 removed this exploit altogether. They removed it quickly as I predicted, so no one can take advantage of it now.

    You raise a good point Pbhuh and I appreciate your opinion.

  5. Hello anonymous commenter. Damn you are right, it is Split Screen. No I wasn't trying to be funny. My jokes are not that subtle. This isn't the first time I've made a mistake on their name as someone pointed out in an early post. For some reason I got the company name into my head as Slip Stream, which is a much cooler name, and sometimes I lapse back, fully or partially.

    I will correct it and my apologies to Split Screen. Thanks for pointing it out.

  6. but it isn’t cheating and it is cunning. <-- This sentence was against the rule. You are stating here it isn't cheating, nor wrong, yet it was.
    This is promoting the exploitation telling there is no wrong in doing it as it isn't cheating in ur opinion, written with my words but meaning the same.
    I still would remove that line if I were you.
    I used to come and read here, but now I am not interested anymore, I don't like sites that favs the exploitations, as it can be seen provocative, and specially noobs might get other understanding and thinking it's no wrong, we can do it. This thinking of any further bug that can lead to exploitations.
    ps. Thanks for emending the name of SS.

  7. Hello Anonymous

    Thanks for putting your point, you make very clear the parts you disagree with. I still think that my 'poor form' and 'gamesmanship' comments show that I disapprove but maybe my style of writing isn't very clear.

    Thanks for visiting up till now, and best of luck with Pirate Galaxy. No problem with correcting the name of Split Screen, just a silly mistake I keep making.

  8. Btw, it's actually Splitscreen Studios, but ah, i don't think SS is gonna hate you for it,

    I still love your blog and i replaced many objectives with your very clear help and walktrough of the vega story missions.

    Here are some:

  9. Hello Pbhuh. Okay one word, Splitscreen. Full name Splitscreen Studios. Repeat until lodged in brain. I will try to get it right I promise.

    I had noticed that some of my walkthroughs had made it to the Wiki. It's very flattering and thanks very much.

    When I set this blog up I decided to stay away from making it a thorough database as you and the the other Wiki chaps had already done a much better job of it than I ever could. Plus there's V1-Hyper's cracking site as well. The fact that some of my posts made it into the wiki gives me a lovely warm glow.

    Thanks for the support and the links.