Monday, February 28, 2011


Despite it being a review of a simple travelling story mission, my post on ‘To The Mizar System’ has gotten me into hot water. The official Pirate galaxy forum believes that my post promotes or condones retaking the mission over and over again in order to boost your war score. Based on that view they have banned Cryonite Cove and any links to it from the forum.

I of course have my own opinion on this, but before I share it I’ll give you a link to the official word from the forum here. [Update 03/03/11: The original post has disappeared, so I've linked to a secondary thread covering the same point.] If you want to re-read my post then you can read it here. By reading both, you have all the facts and can form your own opinion.

Now then, I’ve read back through my post and I do not believe that I said the exploit in question is okay. I called it “poor form” and “gamesmanship”. Of course I also say that “it isn’t cheating and it is cunning,” which could be interpreted as condoning this tactic. I also describe it as “a risk free, quick and easy method of ramping up your war score”, which it is, or at least was until this loop hole was closed. The latest update means that you do not get a score for repeat attempts of a story mission. I also linked directly to the Forum’s post warning against this exploit so I made sure to give SplitScreen their say.

I summarise my comments as ‘here’s this exploit, this is what some people have allegedly being doing, and this is why they do it. SplitScreen has this to say on the subject. I think the perpetrators have been clever to find this. It isn’t cheating but it isn’t fair.’ Of course this may be exactly what the forum interprets from my post, and they consider that a breach of their rules. If they do then they are correct to take the action they have.

They did give me the option of deleting the post, or at least some of it, so that Cryonite Cove could be linked to again from the forum and the Wiki. As I don’t believe I have done anything wrong, and say right at the top of this blog that I will ‘give my honest opinion about the game and the players’, I will not change what I posted.

I will also not pretend that I don’t care about this. I enjoy the community side of the game and was very pleased when Facebook and the Wiki linked to Cryonite Cove. The site also benefitted from many visitors directed here from there and the forum, who will now be lost. I’ve put my arguments to the Lead Forum Moderator but we may have to agree to disagree.

There we are then. I’ve had my say, the forum have had theirs. You can read what I said and make your own mind up. I’d appreciate your opinion in the comments below. Otherwise I'll be carrying on as before. Thanks for reading.


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  2. There was an interesting and coherent comment added here but I'm afraid I had to remove the content. The anonymous poster mentioned an individual by screen name and I thought it was just a bit too personal in its criticism.

    Shame because the comment was swear-free, had good content and was supportive. I'm keen for this disagreement not to spiral so I apologise to whoever the poster was but I felt obligated to cut it. A slight edit would have made it okay but it wouldn't be right to change someone else's words.

    Damn, that's another reader I'll never see again.