Sunday, February 6, 2011

‘Facilitating Corruption’

A Redhead, that can only mean trouble
The preceding story mission was: ‘Interplanetary Travel’

The following story mission is: ‘Mantis Exterminator’

You’re sitting in orbit around Axiom for the first time, and once again there’s only a single yellow mission available to select. You can drop down to the surface and fly around looking for trouble, but you should stick with the story. The missions so far have spoon-fed you all the stuff you need to see in a logical order. Plus this would be a dull game without the story so you may as well enjoy it.

Jake Rattenbury wants you to deliver the cargo of Cryonite ore that you collected from Kalabesh in ‘Ore Smuggling’ to a customer on the surface of Axiom. This customer is Jessica Silverton, the daughter of the Colonial Army General Walter Victory. Get down to the surface and fly to a marked area. It’s enough of a journey that you are likely to have to defend yourself along the way. There are Eliminators which are the first Mantis to actually shoot back. On top of that are the Colonial Guard who probably have a wanted poster of you up in their canteen since you podded poor Officer Rosebud. You should be able to beat both of these opponents at as long as you don’t get yourself too outnumbered. If you do then don’t forget the Afterburner. If you refuse to run from a fight then you are going to have a remarkably unsuccessful career.

Once you meet up with Jessica Silverton the trade is done. You give her the ore and she gives you some data on the Colonial Army. How treasonous. Now just get to orbit and collect your reward. Jake has plans to trade the data for more Cryonite, so it’ll be interesting to see who wants it.

Your next mission is called ‘Mantis Exterminator’ and you will be introduced to one Bruno Paine. Bruno! Can it be? Am I about to get access to white missions at last? I can’t wait.

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