Friday, September 17, 2010

Good Guys

You can meet the nicest people playing Pirate Galaxy. A few nights ago my ageing PC was struggling with the demands placed upon it and the client crashed. I was grinding on Prosperous at the time, and was lucky that when I logged back in no mantis had taken the opportunity to blow me away. I suspect someone may have taken out an incoming Interceptor, either for my sake or their own, but in effect I got away with it.

So I carried on killing, and as well as the Cryonite I was after I also struck Gold. I’m now the proud owner of a Gemini Afterburner blueprint. The next job is to scrape together the 2,590 crystals I need to install it. Of the 151 blueprints I’ve collected, 2 have been rare. I think that’s a fair frequency.

After this I went to swap ships and get my Engineer to Commerce Central (CC) for a second attempt at Daring Rescue. I had ten minutes before I planned to log off, so decided to take my Engineer on a white mission to collect an Aggro-beacon. I don’t need the beacon but I like to clear the white missions. Plus you sometimes collect a surprising amount of crystals looking for a blueprint.

Annoyingly I got stuck behind a Death Squad on my way to the marked area. If I’d been in my Shock Kara III I’d have taken them on, but instead I decided to burn past them. That was a mistake. If they’re coming towards you, using the Afterburner is very effective as you are long gone before they can turn. However from behind, if your timing is wrong, the Custodian Commander can quickly reel you in with his Afterburner and Stun Charge, which is exactly what happened to me. I’d also decided not to use my protector as I tried to shoot past which was my second mistake.

So there I was, stunned, in an Engineer, with a full Death Squad bearing down on me. Still if I could just get my protector working and then take out the Commander I’d be able to get away. That’s when my PC crashed for the second time.

Well that was a bit of a downer to say the least. After a little light swearing I logged back on so that I could get my Engineer back from the hangar to CC, but was astounded to find that I was still on the surface and relatively intact. Hovering next to me was the pilot Falcon-Of-Honour in his Unreasonably Large Kill-O-Zap Sol Behemoth (or whatever it’s called.) Turns out that he was in the area and saw me suddenly go adrift while being happy slapped by the Death Squad. He guessed I’d lost my PC and came to my rescue.
I’d never met Falcon-Of-Honour before so we weren’t buddies or anything, he was just happy to help a fellow player in trouble. He was even generous enough to let me pick up all the Cryonite that the detonators in the area dropped when we (mostly he) vaped them. So Falcon-Of-Honour, I pay tribute to you and officially label you as A Great Bloke. Thanks mate.

I’d love to be able to return the favour sometime in the future. However looking at his ship, and discovering that his mom and dad are the leaders of the Guardians Of Asgard clan, namely Rainbow Dragon and Old Viking, I don’t think he’s likely to need my help. Maybe like the mouse in Aesop’s fable, someday I’ll get my chance.

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