Tuesday, September 7, 2010

'Weapons Delivery'

The preceding story mission was: 'Isaak's Story'
The following story mission is: 'Open Warfare'

After collecting the tech pods on Commerce Central in Isaak’s Story you now have to deliver the technology to the three colonies on Prosperous, in the story mission Weapons Delivery. I completed this mission first time, which was a nice change, and the low Cryonite payout reflects the relative simplicity of the mission.

You collect the mission at Commerce Central before you fly to Prosperous. All you have to do there is get to the three colonies in order, without podding. The briefing does tell you to beware of ambush so I kept my eye on the scanner.

The first colony to visit is the one in the bottom left quadrant, the second the one in the top left corner. After that drop I chose to go to orbit, then immediately return to the landing zone (LZ). This avoids a lot of dangerous territory. On my way from the LZ to colony 3, as I was flying down the corridor on the middle right of the map, I saw roughly 8 triangles converging on me in the scanner. Luckily my Afterburner was cool so I just punched it and got the hell out of dodge. Whatever those mantis units were they didn’t catch me, and I reached the last colony with no more unwanted attention.

It may be possible to fight the ambushers off and it’s a pity you can’t replay a successful mission, as I would have liked to try it. Still never mind. Gemini story mission 13 of 23 completed and 302 crystals in the bank towards my new Engineer.


  1. The Mantis that land are level 31 avengers, at least a dozen. I got mobbed by one while I was afk in a relatively safe area, and came back to find myself in a pod...

  2. A dozen? Crikey! Looks like I made the right decision to flee. Thanks for filling the gap.

    Of course now it's possible to retake a mission solo.