Thursday, March 3, 2011

‘Intel Delivery’

He looks so cool

The preceding story mission was: ‘Mantis Exterminator’

The following story mission is: ‘Pirate Raid’

After unlocking the joys of white missions in ‘Mantis Exterminator’, you may have spent the last hour or two massacring Mantis across the surface of Axiom. If so then this sedate little mission may be a welcome breather, either that or a crashing downer. You may also have upgraded your ship, but I’m afraid you won’t get to put it through its paces here.

The atmosphere is well set up, with Jake Rattenbury telling you that this job requires discretion. You will be delivering the data on the Colonial Army that you traded for in ‘Facilitating Corruption’ to a ‘…person’. I wonder who or what that could be. Jake says that if you deviate from instructions then the buyer will leg it. Do as you’re told and you’ll both be rich.

At the surface you travel to a location and meet the ‘Unidentified Ship.’ Drop the Intel at the marked area as instructed. The unknown pilot then collects the data but refuses to pay up until more is delivered, then he leaves. You have been double-crossed. Jake is understandably upset but has a cunning plan. Get to orbit and select the next mission.

I finished this mission without spending a single joule of Energy. I almost felt ashamed, like I’d returning from a bombing raid with a full payload. To cheer myself up I went and murdered a few Scouts. Still, ‘Pirate Raid’ sounds like it should be fun. We shall see.

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