Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Random Fun Stuff in Gemini Please

I laughed - but there's funnier captions.
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The other day I was chipping away at the first White Blueprint (BP) missions on Baumar. This was so that I could earn Cryonite and increase the level of equipment that my Mizar tank would start with. Then, out of the blue, came the announcement that a Rare Mantis had been spotted on Baumar. I immediately had a flash-back to the old days and was filled with warm nostalgia.

Ah yes. I remember when Rare Mantis used to visit Vega and Antares. We’d all scurry about searching for the blighter so we could blast him and get the reward. You’d be looking everywhere, and then the message would appear ‘SomePirate has engaged the Rare Mantis’. You’d curse and get back to your mission while SomePirate crowed over his victory in the chat. That feeling of nostalgia made me realise that I hadn’t seen a rare Mantis in ages. It must have been a year or more.

Now then, have the Rare Mantis just made a welcome return, or is it just that they never come to Gemini where I’ve been hiding? No one else seemed surprised or asked what a Rare Mantis was. Fill me in on this one ‘cause I honestly don’t know.

I suspect that Gemini, and perhaps Antares too, are neglected. Mizar, Sol and Draconis seem to get invasion events but there was never anything in Gemini. Now I think about it, how often do you see a GM in Gemini? I saw more in my recent Mizar Story Mission trips to Vega than I did in the whole Gemini story line. There were three in orbit around Aurora for Pete’s sake. If I am right and Gemini is starved of attention, then why? Gemini is certainly sparsely populated so perhaps the GMs think it isn't worth the bother. Then again, maybe it's sparsely populated because there's no events or Rare Mantis to chase.

I think that all of the systems should get events and GM support in equal measure. Firstly because it's just fair, secondly because a player may get bored before they reach Mizar and drift from the game. After the initial novelty of the game wears off there has to be an incentive to keep playing. It's no good saying, 'just get through the next few systems and then there'll be more random fun stuff again.' Step it up Splitscreen.

On this occasion the Rare Mantis happened to be right next to me and it was a level 39 Paralyzor. Of course it was, I hate Paralyzors. Naturally I took it on, and was rewarded with the thrill of seeing 'Serig has engaged the Rare Mantis' appear across the screen. Nice. Unfortunately he was kicking my Gemini Storm backside so I fled, right into a swarm of level 36 Paralyzors.

The nostalgic glow was still with me even as I waited in my pod.

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