Sunday, March 27, 2011

‘Tutorial : Buy New Spaceship’

It's the one-eyed, three fingered mechanic again.

The preceding story mission was: ‘Escorting Bill’

The following story mission is: ‘Tutorial : Find and Install Ion Shield’ or ‘Smuggler’s Revenge’

This isn’t strictly speaking a Story Mission but a Tutorial. There are four in Vega, two of which I’ve already posted, Component Upgrades and Install Afterburner which is now split from ‘Speedy Escape Strategy’. When I first went through these they were not designated as Tutorials but just a standard Story Mission. They will have changed since then but I can’t say by how much. This blog is not meant to compete with the Wiki or The Hitchhiker’s Guide in terms of completeness so I’ve no plans to go back and check the tutorials in order to update those entries.

As this is a tutorial you can choose to skip it and move straight to ‘Smuggler’s Revenge’. I’ve given my counsel on that decision already in ‘Escorting Bill’

Jake Rattenbury is keen for you to have the new ship. He wants revenge on the Colonials for spoiling his smuggling run in 'Escorting Bill', especially Major Ivanova. Jake checks that you have the necessary cryonite and if you do sends you to the hangar. What happens if you don't have the crystals I don't know, but you really should by now. If not then you should go and complete a few white missions. The payment for completing them plus the cryonite from your victims soon mounts up. 

The Recycle button
As before you are led nice and clearly through the steps of buying a new ship. You will need to buy new equipment for the AnIn-1450 which eats up your crystals pretty quickly. Jake advises you to get a better blaster at least before your next mission. You do have the option of recycling the equipment from your other ship, the AnIn-1300. You get back half the value, so if you have an Enhance Ion blaster which cost 82 crystals then you will get 41 for selling it. You click on the recycle button next to the equipment. See the second picture.You can't simply move equipment from ship to ship, at least not for free. You could say that you are transferring the same equipment, but that the labour cost is 50% of the equipment value. 

If you are equipping the AnIn-1450 then you may as well recycle the 1300 equipment as there is no advantage in keeping you first ship fully equipped. There is nothing the 1300 can do that the 1450 can not, which is not true with more advanced ships later on in the game. I think Splitscreen should modify this tutorial to include recycling instructions. 

After the ship is equipped and it orbit then you could go straight to 'Smuggler's Revenge' but you should do 'Tutorial : Find and Install Ion shield' otherwise there was no point in buying the 1450.

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