Monday, March 7, 2011

‘Mutilator On Lustra’

Whiner the Miner
The preceding story mission was: ‘Explosive Information’

The following story mission is: ‘Give Chase’

You pick this one up in orbit around Terasa. Vicius the Mutilator has escaped from the Carl Sagan lab and hijacked the Mizar ship Freedom’s Force. He’s had it away on his toes so you have to follow him to Lustra. Incidentally, I watched The Human Centipede the other night and I’d bet that Vicius would be a big admirer of Dr Heiter. Give it a watch but make sure you’ve eaten before you do.

Anyway, get down to the surface and head for the marked location. It’s hard to resist the temptation of blasting the local mantis along the way. Actually you may as well since there’s no timer.

Once you get there you find the Freedom’s Force attacking the local miners. I was still in my Gemini Storm and chased him around with Blaster, Rockets and Thermo-blast. He’s in a well-armoured ship but the damage bar steadily turns red. There will be a few Lustra Mantis who have a go at you, but just ignore them. They don’t have the firepower to seriously hurt you, and Vicius is more interested in killing the miners than shooting at you.

The old miner then cries out in despair as the Mutilator steals their Astro-chip to the Vega system. After a little while Vicius turns on the buildings so keep blasting. Vicius gloats that he has what he came for and jumps to orbit, doubtless twirling his moustache as he does so, or whatever Mantis have in place of facial hair.

As long as at least one miner and one building survive then you will complete the mission. I did it comfortably in my Gemini Storm, and any Mizar ship would probably do the job. It’s an easy mission and earns you a reasonable sum of Cryonite that you’ll need to armour and equip your new kill-wagon.

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