Sunday, May 22, 2011

'Finding a Way Through'

The preceding story mission was: 'Possible Weakness'

The following Story Mission is: 'Finding Beryllium'

This is the opening episode in a multi-mission story. Be prepared to leave Mizar once again and revisit past haunts, in order to gain the keys to a new playground.

Natassia is still worried about that drip Rosebud. She suspects that Vicius has him prisoner on Molikar. This is a problem as you can't get to the surface of Molikar without being blown out of the sky by the Mantis' suspected Long Range Guns (LRGs). Ethan Copernicus believes that there may be a way to get some information that gives you access to Molikar. Natassia sends you down to the surface to meet with him.

Once you find Ethan at his usual place in Jogan he fills you in on his theory. Although all human ships get wasted as soon as they approach the surface of Molikar, the Mantis can come and go. The Harvesters in particular are always back and forth as they deliver the Cryonite collected on Baumar. If you can bring down a Harvester then you may be able to find some clues amongst the wreckage.

So off you go to kill a Harvester or two. From here on this mission is just a version of the 'Loot Standard Collector' white missions. You attack a Harvester and deal with the Interceptor escort plus other meddling Mantis who join in the fun. When I did this mission the first Harvester I destroyed dropped Intel, but you may have to wreck more than one.

Once you've collected a piece of Intel you are given the order to go to orbit for analysis. Natassia then tells you that the Intel is schematics for a modified fusion drive. Tobias Planck is going to have a think about how he can take advantage of this knowledge. Come back later and she's sure he'll have a plan.

Like I said a white mission with a bit of story built in, but challenging enough to keep you focused.

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