Sunday, May 1, 2011

'To Lyris'

The orbital views get better and better
The preceding story mission was: 'Secondary Intel'

The following story mission is: 'Deliver Mine Intel'

Another simple travelling mission, though this one does reveal more than most. In orbit around Kalabesh Bill Darius, referring to the previous story mission 'Secondary Intel', says that you are not done yet and that there is more intelligence to be collected on Lyris. He tells you to explore the route to Colossus first, and then to Lyris. Colossus costs 30 crystals and takes a couple of minutes. When you get there you'll find that you won't be able to enter the atmosphere. The planet has high pressures in its atmosphere so you can only land when conditions allow, in other words when Splitscreen arranges a special tournament or other event. There is however a star base here, unlike at Lyris.

Exploring the route from here to Lyris costs 10 crystals and takes twenty seconds or so. Now, you don't have to explore to Colossus and can go straight to Lyris, but the hangar around Colossus is the nearest from there so it's worth having access to it.

As soon as you reach Lyris the mission is done. This gives you access to a whole new list of white missions and once you enter the atmosphere the Sentinel Slayer achievement is unlocked. Get in there and fill your boots.

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