Sunday, May 8, 2011

Killing Bunnies

So what do you think of the Pirate Galaxy Easter/Birthday event? Did it leave you cold or drain your gold? 

It was certainly a big one and has generated a lot of noise. The forum has lots of posts for and against. Of course there are those who complained that it's too hard. There are players who bleat about putting in the least effort to gain any benefit. Presumably they want to be handed a super-armoured, fully rare-d up kill machine with a unique paint job for just being logged on for over an hour. That is as long as nobody else gets one that is. Others complain it's just a scheme to entice players to buy boosters, earning Splitscreen some cash. Hello! Commercial enterprise, people. I've already had my say on that here so I won't repeat myself.

Lool's Antares Tank

There has been many others who have posted on the best tactics to beat the bunnies. Squadding up is of course a good idea but, like me, lots of players want to do it solo. There's been descriptions of strafing techniques, what boosters and ships to use etc. When players have a lively debate and show off pictures of their new trophy ships then you've got to call it a success. Lool is just one of those exhibitionists and sent me a few pictures of the rare ships won through the missions.

The Mizar Rare Rabbit Evildoer

Lool seems to have a taste for loud paint jobs. Take a look at the new Phoenix starter ship, decked out in lovely hearts.

How sweet

As for me, I did fly back to Gemini and have a crack at the Bunny Bashing mission on Commerce Central (CC) but got podded in record time. The posts on the forum suggested that if I wanted to beat this mission it would take hours, and at the end I'd get just one part of the required Blueprint (BP). Having a tasty new Rare Gemini ship would be nice, but I'm in Mizar now and I'd still have to pay for the blinking thing anyway. I did get offers of help in getting the BPs but I wasn't tempted. 
The Easter event must have worked for either the players, Splitscreen, or both because SS extended it by 48 hours. Though not to my taste, I think a pat on the back for this event is warranted. 

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