Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 20th 2011 Update

On Wednesday 20th April there was an update to Pirate Galaxy (PG). It was a big one, in fact the biggest since Draconis. For all the details see the official word here. There were a few bugs that required a hot fix on 22nd April, though none of them affected me. Hotfix details here.

A number two shaped candle (snigger)
The first change you notice is the loading screen. If that doesn't make you smile then there's no hope for you. You may detect an Easter theme, and the game has plans for special events. For more details on that click here. You will also note that the pirate bunny skull (three words you rarely see together) is topped by a cup cake with a number two candle. Yes PG is in it's terrible twos. Expect temper tantrums and breath-holding over the next twelve months. Happy Birthday PG. Have I really been playing one game for two years? Yes, and that's a good endorsement.

Reading through the changelog I see that Cryonite Cove has slain another bug. In 'Hostage Negotiation' I was misdirected via the starmap to Kalabesh rather than Aurora due to an undone Tutorial mission. That annoyance is no more. Thank you 'anonymous reader who has some clout at Splitscreen'. One bug still exists that annoys me regularly though. I can't see my position in the Hall Of Fame. The circular 'jump to your position' button doesn't work and if I keep paging back down the ladder the game crashes at around position 975. Splitscreen must have half-a-dozen crash reports from me for that.

Right then. A significant change is the introduction of new white missions. Wahey! I love white missions me. First is 'Defend the Energy Collector'. In these missions a new type of allied ship collects energy from an energy field and you have to protect it from Mantis attack until it's full. This is good fun and a great addition to the game. An assortment of Mantis types land to attack your charge while a timer counts down. Good to have another use for the Taunt, and Engineers will be in their element too.

This is going to be hard work
Second, there is 'Cryonite Harvest', a squadron mission. This is very much like the destroy harvesters white missions but without a time limit. The one I initiated wanted me to blow up 5 of the blighters which would take yonks on my own, so I aborted it. All of these new white missions are going to make the 'clear all white missions in a system' achievements even harder to get. I'd be very unhappy if I was two whites from the achievement the day before they put all of these in the game. Luckily I managed to get all of Gemini's white missions a month or so ago. It was a nice surprise to also get 5 points for the 'Gemini Finalizer' achievement at the same time for doing all story missions and all whites. I wonder if I'd get a surprise achievement for getting all the Blueprints too.

A different meaning to 'Pod Race'
The third new type of white mission are the races. Brilliant. Totally different to anything else in PG, though I remember a time trial mission in the old Vega system just after you got an Afterburner. First you have to get to the start point, and sit there while Mantis blast you. There's a count down and then you have to race, against NPCs or your fellow squad members, through various check points. This is difficult and exciting, especially as stun equipped Mantis can really throw a spanner in the works. As you take the mission you are told the best time to beat and the pilot who set it. Wonderful. I can see players becoming specialist racers before you know it. I tried one race and came last by a mile. I don't know if you have to come first to beat the mission but I'm sure I'll find out.

There's a lot to try out in the new 'Terrible Twos' PG, and we haven't even spoken about Log Files yet. It's still early, but I'd have to say nice job Splitscreen, nice job.


  1. Guess what they did again serig?

    They changed the vega storyline, again. yeah!

    Btw, there are a lot of new ships, 7 in total, 1 for the noobies where they start with the Phoenix S Transport, and it's small, very small. And 6 new rare ships for the events.

  2. Hello Pbhuh.

    So I see. You certainly got the wiki up to date quickly. It looks as if it's mostly the earlier missions that are changed, making more use of the tutorials. I'm glad I never promised to keep my story mission posts up to date, otherwise I'd never get to Antares.

    I am tempted to try out the new starter ship though. The Easter ships sound intriguing too, but I never organise myself well enough to win any event.