Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From Storm to Tank

Jean II as designed by my Mrs
After a lot of grinding I now have a fully equipped and customised MST-FF2 to ride in, otherwise known as a Mizar Tank. Thanks again to those who voted in my poll on the class of ship for Mizar. I got my wife to choose the paint job, and like my old Vega tank I named it after my mom.

Piloting a Gemini ship on Baumar is like driving a moped on the motorway. You feel a mug and can just about stay with the traffic, but one mishap and you're smeared all over the tarmac.

Going from a Storm to a Tank takes a serious adjustment. You feel almost invulnerable at first, but it takes forever to blow anything up. Trying to take down a basic Baumar Harvester in an entry level Mizar Tank requires close control of your energy. Even at level 40 with an Energy cap of 4,875 it's a challenge. It only takes a couple of Marauders or Detonators to stick their noses in and by the time you're got rid of them your Energy's spent. The Aggrobomb's a laugh though. Wait for those Interceptors to come screaming in, park yourself under the Harvester and Kablooey!

The effect of the Repair Droid will take some getting used to as well. I know it's repairing just as much armour on the Tank as it would on a Storm but it only fixes about a third of the damage bar per use. No more saving it until you're below 50%, more like 25%.

Well that is one of the good things about this game. You can chose different ships and have to adapt your tactics to match. In my Solaria campaign, currently in Vega, I think I'll choose a Shock ship when the option arises. That's the only one I haven't piloted yet.


  1. why are you so bad at choosing the right ship class ^^

    Take a storm on rank 10, much better, super graind on aurora harvs, then go to antares and get the storm there too ^^.

    Well, these are very handy tips, hope you gonna use them.

  2. Well that's just charming!

    In my first trip through Vega I chose a tank and which worked okay but I was jealous of the much more glamorous Storm. So in Antares I picked a Storm. It was so much fun I chose it in Gemini too.

    However I struggled with Gemini's many escort and protect missions so bought an Engineer which cost a lot but helped me through.

    If I want to get through Vega in an efficient manner then I'm sure the Storm is the best choice. However I'm in this for fun and I think it would be nice to pilot a Shock for a change. I may well curse my decision, if that's what I do, at my leisure.

    I appreciate the advice Pbhuh and if a new player asked me which ship would be the best bet in Vega then I'd tell them to get a Storm.