Sunday, April 10, 2011

'Planet Search 2'

My new Mizar Tank.
Now I need to decide on the paint job.

The preceding story mission was: ‘Planet Search’

The following story mission is: ‘Help Fighters’

This is a strange one, virtually a copy of Planet Search. Natassia says that there are still areas of Baumar to be searched so you have to go back down and keep looking.

This was my first mission in my new Mizar Tank, so it was a lot easier to survive the attentions of the Mantis. I reached the first area simply enough, but this time the search was designated as completed almost as soon as I entered the zone. Then you are given the final area to search which you are warned is full of very dangerous Mantis. I can't argue with that as I was podded 10 seconds after I got there.

I decided not to resurrect but be rescued so that I could resume the mission with almost full energy. As in 'Planet Search' the mission did not have to be restarted. I went straight to the final area and searched most of it, and then Natassia said that it seems Vicius is not on Baumar. He could be on Molikar but the Baumarians say that every human ship that has landed there has been destroyed. Natassia promises to investigate.

I kept expecting something to happen, like an ambush, perhaps finding a mysterious pod or Vicius the Mutilator reading Noggin The Nog in a bubble bath. Nothing. Maybe the game designers intended to bluff the players and I fell for it. However I can't help wondering why they didn't just combine this and 'Planet Search' into one. This mission feels like padding. Dull.

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