Sunday, April 3, 2011

‘Planet Search’

I couldn't think of an amusing or informative caption. Sorry.

The preceding story mission was: ‘Back to Mizar

The following story mission is: ‘Planet Search 2’

We’re back in orbit around Baumar and it’s time to properly engage the Mizar Mantis at last. Natassia tells you that Vicius must have found a way to mask the signature of Ethan Copernicus’s ship Freedom’s Force because they can’t track it anymore. It was last seen on Baumar so you have to fly down and search.

On the surface you are given a large area to search. It’s not far away but you do have to cover the whole space. You can’t just lurk on the edge and wait for a certain amount of time to pass, I know because I tried it. This is a bit difficult if you’ve already explored the area because the map is already revealed so it’s harder to keep track of where you’ve been.

I was still in my Gemini Storm and I found this difficult. I got podded 4 or 5 times by the Pyros, Marauders, Paralysers etc. Gemini ships are a bit fragile for Mizar Mantis weaponry and the Storm is probably the worst ship to avoid trouble in. A Gemini Tank or Shock might do it easier. Luckily getting fragged does not end this mission. That means that if you get podded you can return from the hangar and resume your search.

After completing a tour of the first area you get a second, then third area to search. After that Natassia seems to give up and calls you back. So the way to do this is stay out of trouble as much possible, if you get podded then return to Baumar and pick up where you left off. You  may lose a lot of cryonite but you will complete the mission and collect the 700 crystal reward. 

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