Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Random Fun Stuff - A Victory

There will be an update to Pirate Galaxy (PG) this Wednesday, April 6th 2011. The change logs used to be posted on the forum, but now only appear on the PG home page. The change that caught my eye is the first

Rare aliens are now spawned automatically by the system instead of having to be spawned manually.

Yes! Either we've just had one of those events where separate and unconnected people simultaneously have exactly the same idea, or someone with influence reads Cryonite Cove. Not convinced? Read my recent post More random fun stuff in Gemini please. Since Cryonite Cove once managed to get on PG's Facebook page, a Splitscreen bod must have seen it at least once. Either that or one of our regular readers has posted the idea on the forum in the suggestions thread. Pbhuh seems unable to stop posting on the forum and he's a regular commenter here so maybe he picked up the baton. The suggestions board is very long and I can't be bothered to search through it all.

By the way I owe Pbhuh a big thank you for re-raising the issue of Cryonite Cove's 'banned from the forum' status. The moderators have allowed this distinguished blog back into the fold. Thanks Pbhuh.

Anyway whether I had anything to do with it or not, Rare Mantis will be returning to the forgotten systems of Pirate Galaxy. Result.

There is other, bigger news too. Steel Legions is now in Open Beta testing. Open Beta was when I started to play PG and I haven't stopped since. I haven't played Steel Legions (SL) so I can't say if it's any good. I believe the afore mentioned Pbhuh is though, so if you're reading mate drop in a comment and let us know what you think.

All player accounts have been reset and this won't happen again, so now is the time to get in on the ground floor and make yourself a legend. Maybe you could be the V1-Hyper or Buccaneer Bill of Steel Legions.

It will be interesting to see what effect this will have on PG. Many of the PG players are likely to give SL a try so it will probably get a little quieter, and many may not come back. Perhaps some new SL players will come over to PG. Whatever happens growth and diversity is good so best of luck to Splitscreen.

I'm resisting Steel Legions for now because I know what I'm like. If it's any good I'll be there all the time and Cryonite Cove will either grind to a halt or have to change to include SL. I'm sure I'll crack and dip my toe in one day, but I've enough on my plate for now. 


  1. Pbhuh / Dooms-DayApril 6, 2011 at 7:23 PM

    Well, your blog is great, still forgot to add it to the main page. Sorry ^^.

    Ok, Done.


    Steel Legions is a great game, and only to imagen that it's not even on full scale. Ingame, we have now gotten 2 extra (very important) features, Crew and Special Weapon and soon there will be more maps where the players can actually take over the world with there faction.

    Altought, I really find Steel Legions a game a lot to my ideas for expensions for pg's that had been posted before Steel Legions was released, so maybe SS does listen ^^?

    Another feature that there is, is something like partners, it's called clans or something and the new LCM of both PG and SL said this:

    "When buying gold, you go to the shop and chose
    "Sponsor Pay", there you will find several options for receiving gold for free. For some you won't even need an email address, but these offers vary from day to day. So just go check it out, if you are interested."

    So, i like that a lot. Steel Legions is the next generation game that I think you should also make a blog about.

  2. Hello Pbhuh/Dooms-Day

    Thanks for the feedback on Steel Legions. It sounds promising and I expect that I'll be trying it sooner rather than later. As for a Steel Legions blog, double the games to cover with the same amount of time to play and write. I'd either be asking for trouble or seizing the opportunity. I'll think on.

    Thanks for putting Cryonite Cove back on the Wiki main page. One request, could you change the link to www.cryonitecove.co.uk as I've just bought the domain. Should have mentioned that earlier actually. Thanks