Tuesday, April 26, 2011

'Energy Depletion'

Shields, don't fail me now
The preceding Story Mission was: 'Help Fighters'

The following Story Mission is: 'Possible Weakness'

This Pirate Galaxy story mission, though not as good as the preceding 'Help Fighters', is still an enjoyable one. Natassia kicks things off as usual, telling you that the Baumarians' energy reserves are running low. You are dispatched to their central base of Jogan to see if you can help.

At Jogan, Ethan explains that the E-scouts introduced in the last mission are Missing In Action (MIA). They regularly call in their position so the Baumarians have a good idea where they are. You are given an area to search and have to retrieve the E-scouts.

As soon as you reach the edge of the search area you get a transmission from one of the scouts saying that  he's in his pod but is still under attack. (The Mantis are such bounders aren't they?) You should activate your large map at this point (use the spacebar). You will see a red dot which is the location of the E-scouts pod. You have 3 minutes to find the pod, collect it, and Afterburn (AB) out of the marked area. If you take too long, or get destroyed carrying one or more of the pods then the mission is failed.

You collect three pilots and then have to get back to Jogan. I was podded very close to home the first time I tried this but completed it at the second attempt.

A nice mission which I enjoyed. Not too difficult but I was in a Tank which has to be the best ship for this mission. The Mantis come thick and fast when you approach the pods so you'd struggle to survive in a frailer craft.

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